Jamie's first arrest was in the City Council Chambers in 1982 when the NYC City Council voted down the gay rights bill. Jamie's pronouns are they/theirs. A picture of Jamie getting arrested was printed in the New York Times, and they were hooked.

Jamie was active in anti-militarism work with Women's Pentagon Action, and was one of the NYC and Washington DC trainers for the mass CD at the Supreme Court after Bowers vs. Hardwick was upheld in 1987.

They were working with War Resister's League in 1987 when a call came in requesting assistance from a new group forming to do direct action to raise awareness about the AIDS crisis. Jamie joined ACT UP and provided civil disobedience trainings, demonstration logistics, marshaling, police liaison work, and support for the group (and with various affinity groups) for the next eight years.

Since just after the 2016 election, in coordination with Alexis Danzig and BC Craig, Jamie has been offering groups free nonviolent civil disobedience and marshal trainings with Rise and Resist.