Joe Ramsey teaches English and American Studies at UMass Boston, where he is an elected member of the Faculty Staff Union Executive Committee (representing Non-Tenure Track faculty) and active in the anti-austerity Coalition to Save UMass Boston. His most recent publications include the edited book-length volume, Scholactivism: Reflections on Transforming Praxis in and beyond the Classroom, the fourth such book length essay collection he has edited. Joe serves on the editorial board of the journals Socialism and Democracy, and Cultural Logic and his social criticism has appeared also in publications such as Counterpunch, Inside Higher Ed, Jacobin, and Slate, while his literary criticism has appears in Scribners American Writers Series, Minnesota Review, Red Wedge Magazine, Mediations, and the book volume, Lineages of the Literary Left. His primary research these days focuses on the published and unpublished writings of Richard Wright, and asks us to rethink a range of issues, concerning this crucial writer's relationship to both the mid-20th century Left and to contemporary U.S. society and social movements.