Khadija Mehter is an activist and organizer who grew up in Syracuse, New York, to parents who immigrated from Yangon, Burma, in the 70s. She has worked on issues of social justice for well over a decade, focusing on Palestine liberation, police brutality and Black liberation, and has traveled to Standing Rock over a year ago, and stayed for a week, in support of the indigenous Lakota's continued struggle for sovereignty and climate justice. She is also currently involved in labor organizing. Throughout her career as a Muslim activist, the area that's been closest to her heart is the perpetuation of the War on Terror and global Islamophobia, through which thousands of innocent people have been killed globally, and countless communities and countries have been decimated. As a ethnic minority in Myanmar that is also Muslim, we can examine how the Rohingya's struggle has been overlooked or downplayed by international players and how global Islamophobia has affected perception of their struggle. Finally, in her work as an activist and organizer, Khadija has been fortunate to work with some incredible organizations, most notably with the Muslim American Women's Policy Forum in Washington, DC and the International Socialist Organization, a national organization committed to changing our society by putting human need before corporate greed and building mass people's movements.