KRYSTAL K. BROWN is a native of Deland, Florida. She received her A.S. degree in Occupational Therapy in 1998 and a Certificate in Practical Nursing in 2003. She is the mother of three, DeAndre, Armani and Marlon and the Wife of Marlon Brown Sr. She has always been a leader and an advocate for her community, Springhill, and the people that reside there. On May 8, 2013 the life of her family was forever changed when Marlon Sr. was killed by a Deland rookie police officer, James Paul Harris. Like many, she believed in the Judicial System and was confident that justice would prevail especially since there was a dashcam video that caught the entire incident as well as multiple eye witnesses. However, similar to many cases from around the country the case was presented to a grand jury and the result was “NO INDICTMENT!” Krystal immediately formed a team that began collecting and dissecting the evidence and after acquiring much knowledge about Marlon’s case it was clear that the Justice System was unjust. She has been traveling from state to state meeting other families that are fighting police brutality, researching and learning about policies and procedures that are in place and cause corruption of the system, speaking out on behalf of Marlon Brown Sr. and pursuing an opportunity for him to receive justice. She is the founder of, United 4 Justice, an organization that serves to bring awareness to individuals and families throughout the globe information on police brutality and personal rights. She is not afraid to stand up and call out those that misuse their power to control others and for their own personal gain. She has put the quote from Frederick Douglas, “It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men,” into action by working very closely to children from the community. Titling them “Hollywood’s Stars” and instilling in them that the sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless if they are willing to work for them. She is committed to helping her community obtain equal and fair treatment by city administration and local law enforcement. She ran for City Commissioner in Deland, Fl in 2014. Despite not being voted into office she used her voice and her platform to convey the concerns of the community and its citizens. Her voice has definitely been amplified by her ability and willingness to stand firm on the facts. In January 2016, Krystal was offered the opportunity to speak before the Expert Working Group from the United Nations. She spoke on the disrespectful dehumanization and criminalization of the victims of police brutality and their families by the United States and the lack of transparency and conviction of the crimes being committed against people of African descent. She was heard and Marlon’s name appears in the preliminary report that is being written to the United States Government. She is a 2016 award recipient of “Divas on Fire, All Women’s Award Show” for being a Community Activist.