Micky is a member of visionary Agaric Design Collective in Boston, a tech co-op in the “free software for community building” movement - using tools like VOIP, Drupal and GNU/Linux. She is liaison between the US Solidarity Economy Network (SEN) - devoted to ongoing dialog on building the network - and US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC), the national grassroots organization of 4,000 US worker-owners “building power with national and international partners to advance an agenda for economic justice rooted in community-based, shared ownership.” Agaric’s 5 web developers on 3 continents build applications online, offer international webinars and host local meetings working with organizations such as Ujima Boston, Resource Generation, CommonGood and The Greater Boston Chamber of Cooperatives, to raise awareness of cooperative business models and local opportunities. As a member of Leadership Committee, Micky works with technical activists to connect people with the information and tools they need to move from being a global network, to being a global movement based on solidarity, the workers’ economy needs Free software tools that protect our freedoms, tools for live-conferencing, adapted so workforces can communicate in native languages from afar. Such liberating power is within Micky’s capacity. Her four topic areas -- community building, industry organizing, Free software liberation and co-op development -- converge in her panel contribution. Micky is a member of the Drupal community which is based on free software she writes about her experience as a contributing author in "Ours to Hack and to Own". The book is known as the handbook for the Platform Cooperativism Movement which was started at the New School in NYC by Trebor Scholz and Nathan Schneider. It is now on the list of top tech books of 2017 by Wired magazine. Title: “Toward a Workers’ Economy Movement via Communication”