Educated in Ecuador, Spain, and the United States, she received an Ph.D. in Fine Arts from Complutense University in Madrid; a Master’s degrees in Literature and Art from St. John’s University. Adjunct Professor Spanish, St. John's University and Director de Bi/coa: Bicentenario Iberoamericano / Community of the Two Americas. She is an artist, her works are part of the following collections: 2017 MoMA Museum New York; Jose Luis Cueva Museum, Mexico; 2012 Royal House of Spain; Museo del Barro, Paraguay; 2008 MOLAA Museum of Latin American Art, California; 2007 The City Museum of Valencia. Spain. In 2012 was awarded the Royal and Distinguished Spanish Order of Carlos III, In 2006 she was represent Latin America in celebrating the 60th Anniversary of UNESCO in Valencia, Spain. She is also a member of the Junior Board of Queens Council of the Arts, the Art Students League and a member of the association ALDEEU, Spanish Professionals in America.