From 2001-2009, he served as the President of TWU Local 100, representing 38,000 workers in New York’s subways and buses, mostly at New York City Transit, but also numerous private companies related to transportation in the greater NY area. During his tenure there, faced off against Mayor Bloomberg and Gov Pataki, he led the historic Dec 2005 NYC Transit strike. Roger Toussaint served as International Vice President & the Director of Strategic Planning for the Transport Workers Union of America until 2012. Roger was also an officer at the International Transport Federation of the International Confederation of Trade Unions. He served on the Executive Council of the Coalition of Black Trade Unions (CBTU), as a Trustee for the New York City Employee Retirement System and several other retirement and health funds. Haven lived most of his life in New York, Roger currently resides and works out of the Atlanta Georgia area consulting with and training labor and other social justice activists and leaders