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Ukraine: Socialist and Fascist and the Fraud of Timothy Snyder’s “Bloodlands”
Transforming Our Cities from the Grassroots: Potentials of Local and Transnational Networks and Collective Actions for a ‘Just City’
The “Two-State Solution” is Dead: For One Democratic State in Palestine-Israel
The Story of Drones from the Ground: “Wounds of Waziristan” screening and discussion
The New “Great Game”: Inter-Imperialist Rivalry and Cooperation in the Age of “Resource Wars”
The California Prisoners Hunger Strike – Leadership and Power for the Movement for Prisoners’ Rights, and against Solitary Confinement: Family Members Speak Out and Tell the Real Story
Social Movements vs. States in Latin America: The Struggle for the People’s Agenda
Roundtable: Reading Dunayevskaya’s "Marxism and Freedom" Collectively
Protracted People’s War and Contemporary Revolutionary Struggles
Post-Chávez Venezuela: New Directions under the Presidency of Nicolás Maduro?
Philosophical Perspectives on Marx’s Critique of Capital
People’s Struggles in Asia: Challenges, Opportunities and Solidarity
Nou Pa Dakò: Mobilization against Anti-Haitianism in the Americas, Past and Present
No More Prisons, No More Jails: From PA to IL to CA — Combatting the Changing Face of Carceral Expansion
Looking for Agency in All the “Wrong” Places: Interventions into Race, Gender and Health Discourses
Little Mama’s Tool Shed
Lenin’s Revolutionary Strategy for Our Times: Reforms, Elections, Parliaments and the Broader Democratic Struggle
Keeping It “In-House”: Ensuring that Scholarly Pursuits Manifest into Transferable Skills for the Community
Justice Denied: JFK’s Assassination: What Did Happen in Dealey Plaza & the Robertson Study; JFK Files Still Withheld; Scientific Press Won’t Publish New Evidence
How to Run an Election Campaign (Panel 2)
From the Maple Spring to the Conservative Highjacking of Politics in Québec
Domestic Workers, Mothers and Other Caregivers – Organizing for Welfare and a Living Wage
Narratives that Amplify: Using the 5th Element of Hip Hop, Students’ Lives and Art to Break Down Social Barriers and Construct New Realities
“We Tortured Some Folks” But Don't Take it Too Seriously, Says US Government
Why Jaurès Matters