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Elections and Revolutionaries: The Experience of the Left and Workersв?? Front in Argentina
Drunk on Wireless? Public Health Consequences of Cell Phone and Wireless Exposures Are Begging for Societyв??s Attention- Panel - Part 1 of 2
Defending Womenв??s Rights in a New Corporate World Order & Winning
Close GuantГЎnamo Now or Move GuantГЎnamo North?
Climate Change, Environmental Movements and OВґConnorВґs Second Contradiction of Capitalism
Black Lives Matter Moving Beyond Blackв?¦ A New Black Power A Call for Paradigm Shift in Clinical Science.
?he Fighting Youth Movement & The Ideology of Marxism-Leninism
Raya Dunayevskaya /Herbert Marcuse/Erich Fromm Correspondence, 1954-1978: Newly Published Letters with Dialogues on Hegel, Marx, Critical Theory, and Women???s Liberation
Political Photography: Satires, Cartoons, Statements - Staged Photography and Digital Collages
Labor and the Resilient City - Stories from Rapid Repairs and Sandy Recovery
Envisioning Global Movements: How the International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS) overlaps with Anarchism, Zapatismo, and International Women’s Human Rights
Deadly Economies: Israel’s Role in Worldwide Repression
Class struggle in contemporary Québec, contesting Austerity and Neoliberalism before and after the "Printemps érable"
Briefing on Rep. Conyers’ “Humphrey-Hawkins 21st Century Full Employment and Training Act” (HR 1000)
ALEC Exposed: How the Right-Wing "Bill Mill" Facilitates Attacks on Economic, Social, and Environmental Rights – and How to Fight Back
Aggression by another name— how the US wages war on Syria.
A New Documentary Film: “Raya Dunayevskaya: Biography of an Idea”
500 Years of Machiavelli’s The Prince: Organization, Desire, Communism
Is it True that People Need their “Consciousness Raised”? The Implications for Left Mobilization
Donning the red square with CLASSE: the organizational and political aspects of the 2012 Québec mass student movement and strike
“You Don’t Know What You Think You ‘Know’ About the Communist Revolution”—Responses to Raymond Lotta’s New eBook
“The Truth Denied: Power To Protect, Power To Abuse” - Foster Care
US “Dirty” Wars, Targeted Killings and Secret Operations Supercede Military Occupations, but Are still Illegitimate
Ukraine: Socialist and Fascist and the Fraud of Timothy Snyder’s “Bloodlands”
Transforming Our Cities from the Grassroots: Potentials of Local and Transnational Networks and Collective Actions for a ‘Just City’